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Beard of the Week: February 2

2 Feb

Welcome to February, arguably one of the crappiest months of the year. We’ve got Valentines day, football madness, and today the groundhog didn’t see his shadow which means we’ve got six weeks of more pleasant weather to look forward to!

But have no fear, because I have a quite a list of beards to give to all you which, trust me, will keep you nice and warm during the next few cold weeks!

This week’s beard belongs to someone who most might call a “man’s man”, I have enough issues with that statement, but I figure it’s important when discussing the quality of one’s beard. Continue reading

Beard of the Week: January 26

26 Jan

It’s Thursday! Which means it’s time for yet one more lovely beard to be honored over here at Beard of the Week!

Let’s go back to the sports world, with the help of pal (and new roomie!), Justin, I’ve come across quite a beard.

Pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, Brian Wilson!

I think that photograph says it all. Continue reading

Beard of the Week: January 19

19 Jan

This week’s beard is another obvious winner, but I decided to do it anyway because this man is just so darn handsome (dare I say, even without a beard?), that I had to.

I can’t count how many times I’ve used the phrase, “Oh, he’s a total Clooney.” And with good reason, beard lovers, I present you with Mr. George Clooney!

I mean, the smile, the eyes, and the obnoxious amount of charm Continue reading

Beard of the Week: January 12

12 Jan

Welcome back!

This week’s beard is one I didn’t even know existed. My interest was piqued after watching Mrs. Doubtfire for the seven millionth time since I was four years old. I said, “Man, that Pierce Brosnan is a total hunk…I wonder…”

Off to Google I went and I found THIS Continue reading

Beard of the Week: January 5

5 Jan

This week’s beard is one I’m newly obsessed with.

Ladies and gents, Ryan Gosling!

I’ve been watching his movies all week, and let me say, he’s just plain wonderful. There’s nothing better than the image of him hacking away at a piece of wood in the Notebook. Movie? Not so great. Beard? Stellar. Continue reading

Beard of the Week: December 29

29 Dec

This week’s beard was a long time coming. He’s The Dude, he’s that bad guy in Iron Man, he’s got True Grit, he stares at goats, he’s…I forget what other movies he’s in, but do you know what I’ll never forget?


Look at this hunk when he Continue reading

Beard of the Week: December 8

8 Dec

Let’s take a trip across the pond, over to our dear friend, Russia!

While there we’re going to visit one of the most prolific realist fiction authors and greatest novelist of all time, Mr. Leo Tolstoy!!

All that greatness aside, wouldn’t you want this dude to just be your grandpa?

Continue reading

Beard of the Week: November 24

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As it happens to fall on a Beard of the Week day, I did a little research, and who knew that turkeys have beards?!

I sure didn’t.

Check it out!

Handsome, eh?

Actually turkeys are arguably one of the ugliest birds on the planet, but at least they have beards!

I also didn’t have time to think of a person to honor this week, so whatever. I’m a slacker, deal with it.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday, and if you don’t celebrate then I hope you had a lovely day in general and be happy that your stomach isn’t distended like mine is right now!

We’ll be back next week with a human beard, be sure to check back!

Beard of the Week: November 17

17 Nov

I’ve been slacking lately, but goshdarnit I’ve been so tired and things have been so hectic! I, however, will not overlook my beard of the week responsibilities. A more blasphemous thought has never crossed my mind! Continue reading

Beard of the Week October 20

20 Oct

It’s that time of the week again! A time when I pick one special beard to honor for an entire seven days, though they probably deserve more.

This week we’re again looking to the past to one man who’s done everything from movies to salad dressing, Mr. Paul Newman (1/26/1925-9/26/2008).

What. A. Hunk.

The tux gets me every time, but come on, we all know it wouldn’t be as fantastic if he was clean-shaven. And even though he didn’t always have a beard, it doesn’t matter because when he does it just looks so good that it makes up for all of his hairless moments.

Because it’s just so nice, here’s another one for kicks:

He had style, he had charisma, he had talent, he was an Aquarius, he donated a buttload of money to charity, and his company still distributes a mean mango salsa (peach and pineapple are also really nice), but one thing will always stand out, and I think we all know what that is.

Rest In Peace, Paul. You may be gone, but your beard will live forever in my heart.