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The 55th Annual Grammy Awards

27 Feb

Grammy Award

While most of you are likely past agruing about the Academy Awards with coworkers, I’m still aghast at this year’s Grammys.  February 10th saw the 55th Annual Grammy Awards and to borrow a title from Joy Division it was an atrocity exhibition.  I myself didn’t watch the program, not so much an act of defiance as the absence of cable in my apartment, but after seeing the list of winners Continue reading

Great Moments in TV History: Stimutacs

3 Jan

Sealab 2021

I don’t really watch a lot of television. That being said, the television shows that I do spend my time watching are always cartoons.  I don’t know what it is about cartoons that is worthy of my attention. Maybe it’s the exercise my imagination needs, maybe it’s that the list of possibilities is endless when Continue reading

Simon’s – “Easy Money: Anatomy of a Drug Empire”

15 Jul

Congratulations to SHH’s newest contributor, Brian.  Aside from being an avid reader, he’s also a local scholar of HBO’s The Wire.  Enjoy!

“Easy Money: Anatomy of a Drug Empire” is a series of five articles written by David Simon that ran in The Baltimore Sun from January 11, 1985 to January 15, 1985.  Simon is best known as the creator of the HBO series The Wire, but he started his professional career as a reporter for The Baltimore Sun.  He joined The Sun out of college in 1982 and left in 1995, disillusioned by the corporate culture that invaded his newspaper.   While reading Simon’s first book, Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets, I found that “Easy Money” was referenced more than once by Simon and Continue reading

Clubhouse Confidential

1 Jan

Clubhouse Confidential, weeknights at5:30 pm on the MLB network, accomplishes something I thought was as unlikely to happen on a baseball show as another player hitting .400 is on the baseball field. It provides insightful, easily understandable analysis  and all the while remains entertaining without lowering itself to pitting two polarizing figures arguing a’ la everything on ESPN.

Brian Kenny compliments the show’s SABR slant because he is not some baseball outsider trying to be Billy Beane’s character in the Moneyball movie. The show is for Continue reading

Appeal to Basketball Reason

9 Dec

As of 6:30 PM yesterday, Chris Paul was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.  He was a part of a three team trade involving Pau Gasol going to the Houston Rockets, and Luis Scola, Lamar Odom, Goran Dragic, and Kevin Martin heading to New Orleans.  The Hornets also got a first round draft pick  (formerly belonging to the New York Knicks) in 2012.  It seemed to help every team involved.  The Lakers get the first piece of a grand scheme to net two of the top five players in the league.  Houston needed size up front pretty badly.  The Hornets were looking to go lower in payroll, while at least appearing to want to remain competitive and sell tickets.  The deal on paper actually seems to be the least beneficial to the Lakers, and they get the superstar point guard in this scenario.  The deal was met with a considerable amount of Continue reading

Escape from the Zooey

2 Nov

A while back, one of my favorite blogger/columnists Drew Magary wrote something about the seemingly unstoppable force that is Taylor Swift. While it was a humor piece, the message was clear.  Finally someone voiced their frustrations about a young woman who despite her own good intentions, was being forced down the throats of the American public at large, in four minute sugary doses of pre-teen country songs.  It was a refreshing take on a celebrity who more or less got a free pass in public relations because her big moment Continue reading

Childrens Hospital

30 Sep

Childrens Hospital is wildly entertaining, and the episodes are so short at five minutes, that one could easily rip through the first two seasons in an evening.  Created by former Daily Show correspondent, Rob Corddry, and produced by Stella triplet David Wain, Childrens Hospital surrounds the lives of a bunch of incompetent doctors Continue reading

Netflix and TV; a Love and Hate Relationship

7 Sep

There’s nothing more enjoyable than immersing yourself in a good TV show, and nothing more maddening than wasting more time than it takes to watch a Yanks Soxs game scrolling through Netflix, only to find there’s no shows left to watch. Here are the difficulties I face every time I go to Netflix.

Personally, anything with a laugh track is immediately excluded. Laugh tracks are usually more a symptom than a cause of a bad show, but either way I hate them. From Saved by the Bell to Seinfeld I’ve seen quite a few laugh track shows, but besides turning on TBS when I’m hung-over, I’m pretty sure I’m done with them. Continue reading