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Will Resident Evil 6 Save (or Kill) the Franchise?

29 Sep

The year is 1996, I was 11 years old, and I was having a sleepover with a good friend from around the block. With a little help from my parents, we moved all of our furniture out of the living room and set up a tent right there indoors. It was fucking dope. The evening’s chosen entertainment? Resident Evil, beginning to end Continue reading

Mario Kart 7

19 Dec

I could not contain myself when I heard about the release of this game.  Mario Kart is the only series that I’ve purchased two systems in order to play: Nintendo 64 and the 3DS.  The only Mario Kart game that I do not own is Mario Kart Wii and that’s because I had two roommates at the time with Wiis. I apologize for the review being a little bit tardy.  I made a promise to myself that I couldn’t post a review until I’d gotten all golds on Mirror Mode.  Right now I have six out of eight golds on Mirror.  Whatever, I’ve promised myself things in the past…

For those of you who are interested in a brief history of the series, please continue reading…otherwise skip down to the same picture shown above.  I don’t mean to preach to the Mario Kart choir. The first Super Mario Kart was released Continue reading

Super Nintendo

30 Nov

I’ve been collecting video games since I was a kid.  My biggest collection is for the Nintendo Entertainment System or the original NES.  It will take some time to work up an article on the NES collection and so to hold you dorks over, I’ve decided to post about my Super Nintendo (SNES) collection: the younger brother.

Here is the “collection” as it stands today: Continue reading

PETA vs. Nintendo

20 Nov

This is just as ridiculous as it sounds.  There is a pending lawsuit between People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Nintendo regarding the Tanooki suit in the new Super Mario Bros. 3D game for Nintendo 3DS.  No lie…I saw it on a few days ago.

For those who don’t know, the Tanooki suit was introduced in Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES.  You may recall getting a red feather and then sprouting a pair of ears and a raccoon tail and suddenly you were able to fly and tail swipe.

The full Tanooki suit is all the way to the right.  Nintendo being Nintendo tried to incorporate some nostalgic elements Continue reading


11 Nov

I decided to write this article to 1) increase awareness about one of the best puzzle games that I’ve ever played, and 2) piss off as many of my close friends as possible.


Picross has been around in one form or another since the late 1980’s.  The puzzles originated in Japanese magazines.  Picross is also known as Nonograms, Paint By Numbers, Griddlers and Hanjie in Japan.  In 1995, Nintendo released Picross (Picture Crossword) for the Game Boy and Continue reading

Resident Evil: Code Halloween

2 Nov

I figured I’d post on Resident Evil as my friend and RE guru, Steve and I dressed up as RE characters for Halloween and because what better time than the Halloween week to revisit the survival horror classic. Continue reading

Mortal Kombat

23 Oct

The latest iteration of the iconic fighting series, “Mortal Kombat,” was released earlier this year and aptly titled: “Mortal Kombat.”  MK fans have been referring to the game as Mortal Kombat 9; a more appropriate title might be The Real Mortal Kombat 4 as this game channels the energy and player roster of MK3, and has returned after over a decade to 2D.  The series began pioneering a 3D fight system with Mortal Kombat 4 in the arcade in 1997.  It is likely that creator, Ed Boon, didn’t want his series to look outdated among Continue reading


3 Oct

It’s not a hobby.  I have an unhealthy obsession with spreadsheeting.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a disorganized, dumpy piece of shit.  That is true for the most part; however, I spend a lot of time organizing the things that I actually care about (i.e. music, movies, books, video games etc…)

My DVD’s are organized alpha by title and sequestered into movies, box sets, television, documentaries and music.  In similar fashion, my books are Continue reading

Atari 2600

2 Oct

Sadly, my downstairs neighbors, Marc y Mark, moved out a few months ago.  There is, however, usually a silver lining to every cloud.  In this case, it was free stuff.  I was gifted a number of vinyls, a few DVDs including Fellini’s “Amarcord” which saves me $30 (fucking greedy Criterion Collection), a statuette of the Stay Puft marshmallow man, a Mr. Beer kit and an Atari 2600.

The system, released in 1977, admittedly predates my time, though I did play some growing up with older cousins.  I have amassed a sizable collection of video games which I will continue to post on.  The Atari fills an important void in my collection of home consoles as it was really the first of its kind.

I actually have the 1982 “Darth Vader” model.  This is not the first Atari I’ve owned.  In fact Continue reading