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The one where Justin and Andee breakdown this ridiculous picture of the New York Knicks and Dennis Rodman

4 Mar

11:15 AM Sunday, March 4th:

Justin Knipper

how do you feel about this:

Andee Marshall

 surprised Rodman isn’t throwing the shocker Continue reading

Ironic Pro Wrestling T-Shirt of the Week!

1 Nov

I lived in Cohoes, NY for a few months during the two year purgatory stint I did for a health insurance company.  It was closer to work, got to move out of mom’s house, etc.  I was nineteen.  I probably wouldn’t do it again if I had the option.  No regrets or anything, just poorly conceived.  Cohoes was home to Vliet Mart, a mom & pop convenience store up the street from my grungy bachelor pad.  It sold what you’d normally come to find at one of these.   Continue reading

Museum Replicas Limited

27 Oct

It is not often that I consider myself blessed, but every two months or so, our apartment receives a copy of Museum Replicas Limited and I immediately retreat to the bathroom to leaf through it on the can.  I got a copy in the mail shortly after my roommate and I moved in and the first thing I thought was I bet these guys made a mint with all the bros the Halloween after 300 came out in theaters…”I NEED a costume that is COOL and can show EVERYBODY how JACKED I am!”  This catalog is anything but cool (at least in the traditional sense). Continue reading

Skinny Jeans

29 Aug

What is the hipster fascination with skinny jeans?  It baffles me.  And the worst part is, most of my jeans are skinny jeans.  They leave little to the imagination, yet seem to have nothing to do with phallic exhibitionism.  If anything, my jeans just tip women off immediately that my ass is like a shelving rock.

We’ve reached a point in hipster fashion where skinny jeans just aren’t skinny enough.  First we had slim fit.  Then slim fit, straight leg.  Then slim fit, low waist, tapered pant.  Hipster girls already made the transition to tights (and really, what’s better than a cute little hipster girl in black tights?)

What now for the modern hipster?  Denim plastic wrap? Continue reading