Museum Replicas Limited

27 Oct

It is not often that I consider myself blessed, but every two months or so, our apartment receives a copy of Museum Replicas Limited and I immediately retreat to the bathroom to leaf through it on the can.  I got a copy in the mail shortly after my roommate and I moved in and the first thing I thought was I bet these guys made a mint with all the bros the Halloween after 300 came out in theaters…”I NEED a costume that is COOL and can show EVERYBODY how JACKED I am!”  This catalog is anything but cool (at least in the traditional sense).

Apparently, a former tenant (of three years ago) subscribed to this gem. When my roommate asked the landlady why there was a lock on his bedroom-to-be door and not on mine prior to moving in, she replied, “Oh, that.  Well, there was a fella living here a couple of years ago who had a collection of swords.  He liked to keep his door locked.  He was a bit of an eccentric.”  No…

Between Renaissance Fairs, Dungeons & Dragons and mall stores that last two weeks, I knew that things like this existed, but I never knew that people took it this seriously.

Biggus Dickus?  After some quick math (and factoring in the special catalog price) this jerkoff’s outfit retails at $878!  This stuff is not just utterly ridiculous…it’s expensive!  “I’m sorry, I’ll be a little late with rent this month.  They had a great deal on the Roman Trooper’s helmet and I just couldn’t pass it up.”

Lorica Segmentata: $295

Baldric: $40

Roman Tunic: $55

Playing dress-up at home and pretending that Rome never fell: priceless.

Some people obviously take things extremely seriously.  A complete German suit of armor.  This set had the biggest price tag in the catalog at just under $2,000.

The great thing about MRL is that they really have a little something for everyone, anywhere from Star Wars to Pirates of the Caribbean to Harry Potter:

They even have a little something for the ladies so that their dorky manboyfriends don’t have to go it alone.  I have to admit, nothing turns me on more than a woman in a corset.

I think they offer expedited shipping, so if you act fast, you may be able to get a Wolverine jacket before Halloween!  And as you can see on the cover, it’s 15% off!

I can truly say that I have never seen a clothier that had more of a one-stop shop sort of catalog.  I can also truly say that as a total nerd, this publication more than any other helps to bolster my self esteem.  Let me know if you’re interested in a subscription.

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