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You Were Right, SHH. Online Dating Does Suck.

27 Oct

Eamonn is the third member of this site to weigh in on online dating…listen.

Somebody once told me that it was impossible to eat 5 saltines in one minute. I didn’t believe them until I almost asphyxiated on shards of gluten and salt that refused to move past my uvula.   I’ve seen youtube videos of people attempting to eat a spoonful of cinnamon; those people Continue reading

An Architectural Bike Ride: Part 2

31 Aug

I will try to explain The Big Dig in the simplest of terms.  Officially beginning in 1982, the Big Dig buried the six-lane, elevated portion of  I-93 that ran directly through downtown Boston and replaced it with a park system. There was once a tangle of steel, cars and smoke and now there are flowers and merry-go-rounds . . . seriously.

A discussion about The Big Dig and Continue reading

An Architectural Bike Ride: Part 1

22 Aug

I woke up early on Saturday August 11th with a mission. I was going to ride my bike across the city to explore and document two of Boston’s newest architectural additions. One a recently completed Massachusetts College of Art high-rise dormitory designed by architecture firm ADD Inc; the other Continue reading

Eamonn – Roger Waters at Fenway Park and Why I Don’t Like Live Music

2 Aug

I am a bit ashamed to say this, especially on this site, which is so thoughtful about its musical content, but the truth is I don’t enjoy going to see live music.

For me listening to music is a private endeavor. Continue reading

Science Fiction Fantasy

31 May

My favorite pop culture genre is science fiction. I also have an overactive imagination. This can be problematic at times because I often imagine unpleasant things happening to me. Other times what I imagine amuses me, although most of what amuses me has to do with some violent science fiction topic, and what scares me has to do with something relatively mundane. This article is about those thoughts that amuse me. Continue reading

Monolithic Architecture

12 Apr

I came across an article about a month ago entitled “Megaexterior,” which according to the blog I found it on ( was originally published in the moon issue of Volume magazine. A friend of mine sent it to me and when I first read it I thought it was a joke.  This is not unusual since we send each other funny things we find on the internet with some regularity. The article was strangely written in my opinion and lines like “ the proverbial ‘really good’ science fiction movie” and “boxes he notoriously had specially fabricated so that they fit snug; just so” threw me off; however, the more I read the more I realized it was not a joke and by the end I was captivated.

Focusing on the monolith, featured originally in Continue reading

I Don’t Like St. Patrick’s Day

16 Mar

I am an Irish American. My name is Eamonn, and this is no exaggeration, every week of my adult life I have to correct someone on the pronunciation of my name (or I just ignore the mispronunciation). As we approach March 17th I have come to the conclusion that I don’t actually like St. Patrick’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong. I like to get wasted just as much as the next guy (actually, I’m and old man (26) and I can’t handle getting wasted anymore), but I feel like St. Patrick’s Day is completely devoid of Irish culture. It’s just a bunch of drunk people.  A bunch of drunk people that don’t know who Oscar Wylde, James Joyce or Continue reading