Super Nintendo

30 Nov

I’ve been collecting video games since I was a kid.  My biggest collection is for the Nintendo Entertainment System or the original NES.  It will take some time to work up an article on the NES collection and so to hold you dorks over, I’ve decided to post about my Super Nintendo (SNES) collection: the younger brother.

Here is the “collection” as it stands today:

1.  Battleclash (CIB)

2.  Castlevania: Dracula X (CIB)

3.  Chrono Trigger (CIB)

4.  Contra III: The Alien Wars

5.  Donkey Kong Country (CIB)

6.  Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble

7.  Earthbound (w/ manual)

8.  Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

9.  Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie

10.  Illusion of Gaia (CIB)

11.  Joe & Mac

12.  Ken Griffey Jr. MLB (CIB)

13.  Ken Griffey Jr. Winning Run

14.  Killer Instinct

15.  Kirby’s Dream Land 3 (CIB)

16.  Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (CIB)

17.  Mario is Missing

18.  Mario Paint

19.  Metal Combat: Falcon’s Revenge (CIB)

20.  Mortal Kombat

21.  Mortal Kombat II

22.  Ms. Pac-Man

23.  Natsume Championship Wrestling (CIB)

24.  Phalanx

25.  Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

26.  Ren & Stimpy: Veediots

27.  Sim City (CIB)

28.  Simpsons, The: Bart’s Nightmare

29.  Star Fox

30.  Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

31.  Sunset Riders

32.  Super Castlevania IV

33.  Super Conflict

34.  Super Mario All Stars (CIB)

35.  Super Mario Kart (CIB)

36.  Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (CIB)

37.  Super Mario World

Jesus…there’s only so much I can do with Microsoft Paint when I’m hammered…

38.  Super Metroid

39.  Super Scope 6

40.  Tetris & Dr. Mario

41.  Vegas Stakes (CIB)

42.  Wario’s Woods (CIB)

43.  WCW Super Brawl Wrestling

44.  WWF Raw

45.  WWF Royal Rumble

46.  WWF Super Wrestlemania

I also have three complete consoles, a game genie, a Game Boy adapter and another mini-crate filled with miscellaneous accessories.

You’re probably wondering a couple of things:

1)  What the hell does “CIB” mean?  – For those of you who aren’t video game collector nerds, it stands for “Complete in Box,” meaning complete with original box, instructions and dust cover.  It has a huge bearing as you could imagine on the retail value of these used games.  The better the condition, the higher the value.

2)  He calls this a collection? – I know.  It’s sort of embarrassing.  It’s a far cry from where it was five years ago.  I unloaded somewhere between 65 and 80 Super Nintendo games (some loose, some boxed, some far too common) due to condition, cash constraints and my focusing on the NES stuff.  I’ve learned that focus and having nothing to apologize for are two of the most important things to collecting.

With that in mind, I figured I’d share with you a few of the highlights:

This is one of the cleanest copies that I’ve ever seen of Castlevania: Dracula X complete.  It’s got first party (at the time) appeal and I got it for a song….

This game looks brand new…it’s ridiculous.  I remembered playing the first installment for NES and Game Boy.

Super Mario RPG is one of my favorite Super Nintendo games of all time.  It spawned the Mario RPG series that still releases to this day, most recently with Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story for the DS.  It is also where Joeboy’s cat, Mallow, got her name.

Earthbound is a total treat.  I started replaying it with my roommate a few months ago, but had to stop because I got busy with other shit in my life (what else is new?).  If you’ve ever played as Ness our Lucas in Smash Bros., here are your boys!  Despite it being a loose cartridge with the manual, this is still one of my most valuable games.  Within a half an hour of gameplay, you (Ness), are getting knifed by an adult in battle.  Awesome!

This may be the crown jewel of the collection.  I have never seen a cleaner copy of Chrono Trigger.  It also happens to be one of the best games for Super Nintendo and system-wide RPG’s in general.  As sad as it is, I think I have friends who would consider killing me for a copy of the game this nice.  I revisited the game two years ago on the port for Nintendo DS and spent about 90 hours completing the game in six of its possible endings.

If you are interested in video game collecting/pricing, please visit the Rarity Guide.  In retrospect, I probably should have collected Super Nintendo games because the market has remained harder than the NES market and because there is a much higher ratio of good titles to garbage than the NES.  Oh well..

For those of you that are local, c’mon over and play some games!

3 Responses to “Super Nintendo”

  1. Andee December 1, 2011 at 7:30 am #

    Super Mario RPG and I are very close friends.

  2. Aatos March 26, 2012 at 9:51 am #

    Hey there! I hope you don’t find this inappropriate me using your old post like this, but I’ve been searching the internet for some time for that Kirby 3 with a serious intent of spending some big bucks on it. If there is a price you would consider selling it for, drop a line below (for which I should get notified, or you may e-mail me if you can get my address from here).

    Also if you would consider parting just with the box and manual but keep the cart, I would also be very interested in that. Thanks!

    • the self-hating hipster April 3, 2012 at 9:15 pm #

      I appreciate the interest and it’s not at all inappropriate, but I’m not looking to sell. I wish you well in your Kirby quest!

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