Beard of the Week: Video Edition

3 Dec

ALRIGHT, I’m late! I know I know I know. But listen, Wednesday night was the celebratory event for Movember where we crowned our favorite mustache, and I’ll be honest, I was a liiiitttllleee hung over (and am right now…), too hung over in fact, to remember to do Beard of the Week.

But WHATEVER! Here we are, and you’re still gettin’ your beard so quit whining.

At some point in the recent past I was sitting in my living room drinking screwdrivers (awful screwdrivers, Crowley orange juice and Crystal Palace…ugh) with my friend Justin and as he’s a music fanatic, we started talking about Michael Jackson. I raved about the disco era, which then brought us to the Bee Gees, which then brought me to Barry Gibb, which then brought me to his beard.

Doesn’t that just make you want to groove? I was born twenty years too late…but I digress. Back to Barry!

His teeth are a little much, but aside from that he looks great! Look at that feathered hair! Look at those white pants! Look at that well-groomed facial hair. Barry Gibb is the quintessential disco beard.

Congrats, Barry. We love you.

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