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Beard of the Week: December 21

21 Dec

Last week was finals week so I gave myself permission to take a break, but I’m back and ready to share the wonderful beards of the world with…the world…

Anyway, Sunday is Christmas, and for all of you who are either Christian or just slaves to our consumer-driven culture, we all know that Santa is kind of this weeks honoree by default. But! I decided since he’s not real, I’m not going to make him the sole honoree this week. Hell, I’m not even gonna put his picture up!

This post is 100% created by my friend Justin, he both gave me a dude to honor and told me what to include. I’m just giving credit where credit is due.

So this week let’s take a look at sports. Basketball, anyone?

James Harden apparently Continue reading

Beard of the Week: Video Edition

3 Dec

ALRIGHT, I’m late! I know I know I know. But listen, Wednesday night was the celebratory event for Movember where we crowned our favorite mustache, and I’ll be honest, I was a liiiitttllleee hung over (and am right now…), too hung over in fact, to remember to do Beard of the Week.

But WHATEVER! Here we are, and you’re still gettin’ your beard so quit whining.

At some point in the recent past I was sitting in my living room drinking screwdrivers (awful screwdrivers, Crowley orange juice and Crystal Palace…ugh) with my friend Justin and as he’s a music fanatic, Continue reading

Beard of the Week: November 10

10 Nov

It’s that time again!

So, here at Beard of the Week I try to honor some classically great beards, but I also like to shed light on some that I think may get overlooked, and that’s what this week’s beard is all about.

Ladies and gents, Ben Affleck!

Dear Ben,
I’m willing to overlook that trainwreck of a film, Gigli, if you promise to keep a beard at all times.

Forever yours,

Beard of the Week: November 3

3 Nov

This is a very special edition of Beard of the Week! Last night Snugs held the annual Movember Shave-Off, and we were able to raise about 450 dollars for men’s cancer research and awareness!

Instead of honoring a celebrity this week, I’ve decided to honor each of our brave shave-ees, who got up there to raise some money for a great cause!

This was my first beard of the night:

And my second, this guy also lost a mullet and was last years winner for best mustache at the end of the month:

And then, the big breadwinner for the night! He raised 210 dollars, mainly because he set himself a minimum of 150. We pooled together our and got shit done! Our dear friend and bartender:

(all these images are courtesy of my pal Brittany)


So that’s that! The night started off with me in beard heaven, and ended with a very sad Marena surrounded by clean-shaven men.

I ended up spending 40 dollars on shaving dudes, but I’d say it was worth it. At least I got to touch a few of them before I said goodbye. (I’m a total perv…)

At the end of the month there will be another event in which all the shaved boys will have a mustache competition. The winner gets a nice little sash and bragging rights for being able to grow the gnarliest facial hair.

Next week we’ll be back to our regular style of Beard of the Week, thank you to all the wonderful dudes who donated themselves to raising money last night! It was a totally rad time!

Beard of the Week October 27

27 Oct

This is a special Beard of the Week! It’s 2 AM, but as I drunkenly stumbled into my room from the bar I saw a package on my bed which was awesome because it means I got my new computer power adapter three days earlier than expected! So I needed to do SOMETHING moderately relevant with my computer to celebrate.

I’ve decided that the best way to honor beards Continue reading

Beard of the Week October 13, 2011

13 Oct

Beards! I appreciate them so much that I’ve decided to appreciate one special beard each week here in the Fashion section. Celebrities, pals, dads, brothers, you name it, they could potentially be the next beard of the week!

First up?

Constantin Brancusi

Famed sculptor from the early 20th century, this Romanian lug has quite the beard, which I was first exposed to today during my art history class.

Yes, his contributions and advancements in three-dimensional work shaped art for years to come, but let’s not overlook this man’s most important contribution to the world, that lovely facial hair.