Beard of the Week: December 21

21 Dec

Last week was finals week so I gave myself permission to take a break, but I’m back and ready to share the wonderful beards of the world with…the world…

Anyway, Sunday is Christmas, and for all of you who are either Christian or just slaves to our consumer-driven culture, we all know that Santa is kind of this weeks honoree by default. But! I decided since he’s not real, I’m not going to make him the sole honoree this week. Hell, I’m not even gonna put his picture up!

This post is 100% created by my friend Justin, he both gave me a dude to honor and told me what to include. I’m just giving credit where credit is due.

So this week let’s take a look at sports. Basketball, anyone?

James Harden apparently (I know nothing about the NBA) is a young buck in the NBA who performs “fearless, emasculating dunks” (Justin’s words, not mine).

Check this shit out:

Yeah yeah yeah, the dunks are impressive, BUT LOOK AT THAT BEARD!! So big, so…squishy! How many professional athletes do we see with facial hair as stunning as this?
I can’t say for sure, but my guess is not many.

Justin also told me I should add a little personal beard story this week. It all starts by me slamming a six-pack of some IPA and getting hammered in an hour, as most good stories often start. I went to Snugs after this and started a chat with quite a lovely beard. In the end he propositioned me, to which my response was, “Okay, but know that it’s only because of that beard that I’m going to say yes.”
Basically, I’m an asshole.
I guess he took it as a joke, but I was almost 99 percent serious.

Anyway, that’s that for this week! From our beards to yours we hope you all have a lovely holiday, whatever you celebrate, and keep ’em growing! That’s the best gift you could give me.

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