Childrens Hospital

30 Sep

Childrens Hospital is wildly entertaining, and the episodes are so short at five minutes, that one could easily rip through the first two seasons in an evening.  Created by former Daily Show correspondent, Rob Corddry, and produced by Stella triplet David Wain, Childrens Hospital surrounds the lives of a bunch of incompetent doctors and their escapades in, yeah, a Childrens Hospital.

The cast is incredible and the majority of them are sketch veterans: The State, Party Down, Human Giant, The League, Parks & Recreation.  This shows promise for more interesting guest appearances in future seasons.  Oh, and Henry Winkler in the second season…I had missed him since Barry Zuckercorn in Arrested Development.

The humor is out there, but not the intentional randomness of crappy late Aqua Teen seasons (I do love early Aqua Teen).  The monologues are actually funny, unlike Scrubs…fucking hate Scrubs.  It is also the first show that I have seen get away with a 9/11 joke and not be offensive at all.

Clowns, cripples and malpractice.  Many a night Childrens Hospital has brightened my mood with the healing power of laughter.

Childrens Hospital – Episode 1

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