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The 55th Annual Grammy Awards

27 Feb

Grammy Award

While most of you are likely past agruing about the Academy Awards with coworkers, I’m still aghast at this year’s Grammys.  February 10th saw the 55th Annual Grammy Awards and to borrow a title from Joy Division it was an atrocity exhibition.  I myself didn’t watch the program, not so much an act of defiance as the absence of cable in my apartment, but after seeing the list of winners Continue reading

The Black Keys – El Camino

5 Dec

I was introduced to the Black Keys in college in 2004 right after the release of “Rubber Factory” by a girl who was trying to court yours truly.  Like a modern-age Duckie, she decided that burning a copy of her favorite new album would win the key to my heart.  Instead, I listened to the album, liked it a lot, and then stopped answering her texts like a total jerkoff.  She was wrong about me being cool, but she was right about the Black Keys.

The Black Keys have been going strong since 2002 and have set themselves apart from Continue reading