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The 55th Annual Grammy Awards

27 Feb

Grammy Award

While most of you are likely past agruing about the Academy Awards with coworkers, I’m still aghast at this year’s Grammys.  February 10th saw the 55th Annual Grammy Awards and to borrow a title from Joy Division it was an atrocity exhibition.  I myself didn’t watch the program, not so much an act of defiance as the absence of cable in my apartment, but after seeing the list of winners Continue reading

RIP Levon Helm

21 Apr

This past Tuesday Helm’s wife and daughter asked fans to pray for Levon as he had end-stage cancer.  At 1:30pm on Thursday, Levon Helm passed away at age 72.

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A lot of young music enthusiasts go through a classic rock phase when they are younger.  You come home from school one day and ask your parents “What did you guys listen to when you were my age?” Continue reading