Beard of the Week October 20

20 Oct

It’s that time of the week again! A time when I pick one special beard to honor for an entire seven days, though they probably deserve more.

This week we’re again looking to the past to one man who’s done everything from movies to salad dressing, Mr. Paul Newman (1/26/1925-9/26/2008).

What. A. Hunk.

The tux gets me every time, but come on, we all know it wouldn’t be as fantastic if he was clean-shaven. And even though he didn’t always have a beard, it doesn’t matter because when he does it just looks so good that it makes up for all of his hairless moments.

Because it’s just so nice, here’s another one for kicks:

He had style, he had charisma, he had talent, he was an Aquarius, he donated a buttload of money to charity, and his company still distributes a mean mango salsa (peach and pineapple are also really nice), but one thing will always stand out, and I think we all know what that is.

Rest In Peace, Paul. You may be gone, but your beard will live forever in my heart.

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