Beard of the Week: January 26

26 Jan

It’s Thursday! Which means it’s time for yet one more lovely beard to be honored over here at Beard of the Week!

Let’s go back to the sports world, with the help of pal (and new roomie!), Justin, I’ve come across quite a beard.

Pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, Brian Wilson!

I think that photograph says it all.

I don’t know much about his baseball skillz, but clearly this man is genetically advanced. On top of a handful of wacky Taco Bell commercials, this dude has strutted a red carpet in a tuxedo uni-suit, and seems to be well-versed in the ways of being a bit of a weirdo.

I’ll tell you what I’m afraid of, what he looks like without that facial hair.

Check back next week for more beards!

One Response to “Beard of the Week: January 26”

  1. bobdoesthings January 28, 2012 at 5:31 pm #

    what did you think of “SMiLE” ?

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