Beard of the Week: February 2

2 Feb

Welcome to February, arguably one of the crappiest months of the year. We’ve got Valentines day, football madness, and today the groundhog didn’t see his shadow which means we’ve got six weeks of more pleasant weather to look forward to!

But have no fear, because I have a quite a list of beards to give to all you which, trust me, will keep you nice and warm during the next few cold weeks!

This week’s beard belongs to someone who most might call a “man’s man”, I have enough issues with that statement, but I figure it’s important when discussing the quality of one’s beard.

So, Indiana Jones, Mr. President, Han Solo, I mean, the resume is pretty impressive. You all know who I’m talkin’ about, Harrison Foooorrddd! (pretend Oprah was yelling it).

Unfortunately Google only would provide me with teeny tiny images of Mr. Ford with a beard, so I had to settle for a fake mug shot.

Either way, the beard is there and you get the point!

Check back next week, more beards, more witty banter, what more could you ask for?

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