Beard of the Week: December 29

29 Dec

This week’s beard was a long time coming. He’s The Dude, he’s that bad guy in Iron Man, he’s got True Grit, he stares at goats, he’s…I forget what other movies he’s in, but do you know what I’ll never forget?


Look at this hunk when he was a young buck:

Hopefully he sprouted some chest hair as he got older, but this whole thing ain’t about body hair (though I should say for the record I fully support furry men, head to toe).
I think it’s safe to say he has only improved with age, like a fine wine or parmy cheese.

So that’s that, thank you Jeff, your impressive career is only surpassed by that soft cushy face sweater.

I’m goin’ Perez Hilton on your asses…

Nailed it.

And happy New Year from our beards to yours!

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