Beard of the Week: January 12

12 Jan

Welcome back!

This week’s beard is one I didn’t even know existed. My interest was piqued after watching Mrs. Doubtfire for the seven millionth time since I was four years old. I said, “Man, that Pierce Brosnan is a total hunk…I wonder…”

Off to Google I went and I found THIS


I know he has that killer jaw line or whatever, but GOD DAMN look at that thing! It’s a work of art!

Forget James Bond, I’m all about the rough-neck Irishman look.

One Response to “Beard of the Week: January 12”

  1. Brittany January 12, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

    I’m really glad you posted this because I totally forgot he was even in that movie… wow.

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