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The Self-Hating Hipster’s Top 50 Albums of 2013

26 Mar

2013 Albums
Two years ago (and change) I compiled a list of  the Top 11 Albums of 2011.  Last year I put together the Top 12 Albums of 2012.  Both articles were compiled of selections culled from lists of approximately 40 albums respectively.  After not publishing an article in six months I decided that those once dedicated SHH readers deserved something much more comprehensive for 2013.  Instead of publishing a predictably titled Self-Hating Hipster’s Top 13 Albums of 2013 three weeks into January of 2014 I would, as I am wont to do, aim way too high and likely disappoint myself–a Top 50!

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The Self-Hating Hipster’s Top 52 Tracks of 2012

8 Feb

You may notice that this list is all over the place.  I could have picked two or three songs off of each album on my Top 12 Albums of 2012, but that would have taken up over half of the list.  So it became my intention to spread the love and highlight as many album peaks as possible.   Continue reading

The Self Hating Hipster’s Guide to Session Beers

20 Aug

In honor of the Self Hating Hipster’s first birthday, I asked the SHH himself what the topic of the first style guide in almost a year should be. If you’re not familiar with some of the other ones I’ve written, what I like to do is talk about a style of beer, it’s background, and offer some suggestions to help you navigate the beer store so you don’t have to ask the guy at the counter, who is busy doing scratchers. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, SHH!

19 Aug

I can hardly believe it, but the Self-Hating Hipster has been up and running for a year now. It seems like just last week Continue reading

An Interview with Sharon Van Etten: The Self-Hating Hipster’s Heart Melts a Bit

1 Aug

About four weeks ago I learned that National Public Radio darling Sharon Van Etten was going to be playing at The Egg in Albany.  That same night I discovered that she was opening for Conor Oberst and tickets were already sold out, an epic bummer as her newest album, Tramp, is Continue reading

Sharon Van Etten – Tramp

6 Feb

Sharon Van Etten’s third album, Tramp, is an extremely introspective and emotional record.  Have you ever walked in on somebody crying their heart out to a close friend of theirs?  Instead of the “get the hell out of here!” teary-eyed look one would expect, Van Etten’s raspy yet soothing hum, akin to Kathleen Edward’s folkier acoustic work, welcomes the listener in as if to say “I don’t mind bearing my soul to a total stranger.”  The album parks the listener Continue reading

Palahniuk – Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey

1 Feb

Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey by Chuck Palahniuk (2007)

I fee like an jerkoff just writing this review.  Yes, it’s come time to review a Palahniuk novel…

**Aside: Remember Fight Club??  Remember 1oth grade when the movie came out on DVD and found its way into the hands of manboys across the nation excited by violence, an occasional boob (sorry, girls) and a sweet soundtrack (that may or may not have discovered Pixies and Massive Attack for you)?  Remember finding out a year and a half later that it was a book, reading it in a day and then talking to other people who had read the book and were fascinated that you read books too?  “Did you like the book better than the movie?”  “I dunno…both were pretty sweet.  You wanna go drink a beer at my parents’ house on lunch?”  I did like Fight Club (both the film and the novel) and still do, but Continue reading

Occupy Self Hating Hipster

10 Nov

I would really like to see this blog take off and you can help to make that happen.  I am looking for two things:

1) Expanding the scope of the website.  I want more visual posts: comics, photographs, paintings, graphic design, video links, etc…  Most of all, I would like to start filming sketches.  I already have a handful of people interested.  We have competent, funny writers (at least I think).  We have access to film equipment.  Why the hell not film?  We do need actors/actresses.  If you are unlucky enough to be in the cultural node that is the greater Albany area (a little harsh, I know) and you’re not scared of the camera, reach out to me.  I want this to eventually become a multi-media venue.

2) Expanding the roster of hipster contributors.  It’s simple.  The more quality posts, the more web traffic.

If you are interested, or have friends that you think would be interested, I highly encourage you to contact me about contributing to the blog.  If you know me personally, contact me directly.  For those of you who are interested and don’t know me, e-mail me at selfhatinghipster@gmail.com with a couple of writing samples, comics, or some other equivalent to act as a mini-portfolio for me to review.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.  If you have a great idea that you think could really get this blog up and sprinting, be sure to tell me!  Before long, you too can Occupy Self Hating Hipster…squattin’ and postin’.

Thanks, everybody!