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The Self-Hating Hipster’s Top 52 Tracks of 2012

8 Feb

You may notice that this list is all over the place.  I could have picked two or three songs off of each album on my Top 12 Albums of 2012, but that would have taken up over half of the list.  So it became my intention to spread the love and highlight as many album peaks as possible.   Continue reading

Jaill – Traps

19 Jun

Traps is Jaill’s second release on Sub Pop after 2010′s That’s How We Burn and their third record as a band.  Their first album, There’s No Sky (Oh My My), was released on Burger Records as Jail.  Apparently Sub Pop forced them to change their name as there was a European band named Jail years ago. Continue reading

The dB’s – Stands for Decibels

4 Sep

Stands for Decibels by The dB’s (1981)

This debut album is experimental and mercilessly catchy.  Chris Stamey (formerly of The Sneakers) and Peter Holsapple take a creative approach to the blossoming genre of power pop.  Stamey’s post-punk/psychedelic leanings and love of playing with sound(s) are reined in by Holsapple’s more conventional, simple songwriting that is at the same time completely infectious.

The album starts off with a powerful Continue reading