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The Self-Hating Hipster’s Top 52 Tracks of 2012

8 Feb

You may notice that this list is all over the place.  I could have picked two or three songs off of each album on my Top 12 Albums of 2012, but that would have taken up over half of the list.  So it became my intention to spread the love and highlight as many album peaks as possible.   Continue reading

Gravenhurst – The Ghost in Daylight

7 May

Bristol’s Nick Talbot has been releasing music as Gravenhurst for over a decade now.  That being said, The Ghost in Daylight is his first release in half a decade.  Since 2007’s The Western Lands Talbot jettisoned the band that he had toured and recorded with.  On The Ghost in Daylight he melds elements of  finger-picking folk, shoe gaze and Continue reading