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The Self-Hating Hipster’s Top 52 Tracks of 2012

8 Feb

You may notice that this list is all over the place.  I could have picked two or three songs off of each album on my Top 12 Albums of 2012, but that would have taken up over half of the list.  So it became my intention to spread the love and highlight as many album peaks as possible.   Continue reading

Disappears – Pre Language

9 Apr

Chicago’s Disappears has been busy, busy.  Three albums in three years: 2010’s Lux, 2011’s Guider and this year’s Pre Language.  Disappears is admittedly not doing anything new.  Their three albums reclaim late 60’s garage rock (the Velvet Underground aesthetic on Lux and the White Light, White Heat structure of Guider), early 70’s proto punk and Krautrock, late 70’s post punk (particularly The Fall and Wire) and early 90’s shoegaze.  Their sound also incorporates elements of frontman Brian Case’s former band The Ponys.

Pre Language wasn’t exactly what I expected Continue reading

David Bowie: Repo Man

5 Sep

In 1977, David Bowie teamed up with Iggy Pop to “co-write” and produce The Idiot.  The Stooges had been defunct for about three years and Pop, thanks to copious amounts of drugs, was also defunct.  With Bowie’s direction, The Idiot was a great success and was able to effectively keep Iggy Pop’s name on the pop/rock radar. Continue reading