Happy Birthday, SHH!

19 Aug

I can hardly believe it, but the Self-Hating Hipster has been up and running for a year now. It seems like just last week my older sister was reading my monthly horoscope to me, suggesting that I start a blog. That was actually two years ago but I take a while to get motivated. Eventually, with encouragement from friends and family, ample blocks of lonely free time and an awful anxiety due to creative drought, I mustered up the energy to start this blog. I’m glad that I did. I am also grateful to those friends who offered (and continue to offer) insightful opinions on a number of different topics; it’s not uncommon for me to be outshined by one of SHH’s accomplished writers. I would also like to sincerely thank all of you readers/subscribers (read: “poor bastards”) that visit the blog regularly. You are what keep me writing, for better or worse.

I wrote the first entry a year ago entitled “The Socratic Hipster” on a very wasted Friday night, but the credo still stands:

“This blog is intended to be a creative outlet for what I have deemed the Socratic Hipster: one who knows that the hippest one can possibly be is by knowing that they are not hip. “Hip” as an ideal no longer exists. Today, we have a Hipster Spectrum ranging from the high pH hipsters that have not one but four bicycle caps (for accessorizing purposes) and listen only to obscure Japanese jangle pop to your basic, eclectic, relatively harmless pop culture snob. It is an important distinction to make. I want this blog to serve as a way to broaden the hipster horizon through pop culture enlightenment, not act as a venue for one-upping and condescension. Unless of course somebody really deserves it.”

A few beer reviews, a pathetic book report and two album articles later I thought that I had myself a website. I didn’t. Luckily, some creativity-deprived friends were interested in helping out and were subsequently enlisted. And I started to read and edit the crap that I was publishing (like this article which wasn’t edited until 10:40am on August 21st). I would like to think that this blog, though relatively nascent, will continue to grow and impress those who stumble upon it.

SHH has had almost 33,000 views in the first year, over 250 posts from over 15 contributors and I’ve gone through at least three mustaches. May the following year trounce the first in terms of growth, content and readership!

One Response to “Happy Birthday, SHH!”

  1. bobdoesthings August 22, 2012 at 9:35 pm #

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (a few days late)

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