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The First Quarter of 2013 in Music

14 Jun

Almost exactly three months ago I posted this article with a list of twenty albums in alphabetical order which I had purchased in the first quarter of 2013.  The intent was to have the article out by mid-April.  In classic SHH fashion I decided that it would be better to do a review of twenty albums Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day: Stereotype Perpetuation and Green Sexism

20 Mar


I know that it’s belated, but I did want to wish you readers a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I don’t have anything against the holiday per se.  I very much enjoy pounding corned beef and cabbage.  I love spending time with family.  My paternal grandmother’s birthday often times fell on St. Patrick’s Day.  BUT, I had the great displeasure of spending this past St. Patrick’s Day weekend Continue reading

Strangeness on a Train

26 Sep

I decided to take a train back from NYC because the Megabus, though inexpensive, is entirely unreliable and I usually get parked near the bathroom.  I bought a ticket for the 7:15 departing from Penn Station, and in typical me fashion, I hailed a cab slightly wine-drunk at 6:35 with (piloted by the angriest middle easterner I’ve ever had to deal with) and ended up in line for my ticket at 7:11.

The train was on time and so I hustled with my dorky, over-sized duffle down the escalator nearly KO’ing an elderly woman.  The first and second cars were packed.  To my elation, there was an open seat next to an adorable, pocket-sized hipster girl in the first row of the third car.  I politely asked if I could sit next to her to which she replied a nearly inaudible “yup” (or “yum”…I was kind of hoping it was “yum”).  I vaulted the early 90’s Adidas competitive badminton player edition duffel onto the luggage rack, grabbed my supplies and sat down.

Then the anxiety set in.

I realized a number of things.  I had a clear sweat-stripe across my polo shirt from sprinting to the train.  My breath reeked of wine and I was out of mints.  My “supplies” were my iPod, headphones and my Nintendo DS…I knew I should have brought a god damn book.  I made eye-contact with her with a face that was to read “I realize that I look like a complete nerd but would you consider converstion in spite of that?” but as I did, my headphones ravaged my eardrums with full-volume Boards of Canada (I must remember to always check the volume if my iPod has been in my pocket).  I was left convulsing and she promptly faced the window.

It was a quiet ride.