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St. Patrick’s Day: Stereotype Perpetuation and Green Sexism

20 Mar


I know that it’s belated, but I did want to wish you readers a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I don’t have anything against the holiday per se.  I very much enjoy pounding corned beef and cabbage.  I love spending time with family.  My paternal grandmother’s birthday often times fell on St. Patrick’s Day.  BUT, I had the great displeasure of spending this past St. Patrick’s Day weekend Continue reading


Indie Canon Inductee: Guided by Voices

30 Jan

Guided by Voices is a band that you may know by name but have never listened to.  If that’s the case, this article will hopefully warrant a listen.  I myself hadn’t listened to GBV until a few years back outside of a few tracks of theirs I had on a Matador Records sampler.  Since then, they have become my most listened to artist according to last.fm, surpassing Beat Happening and Joy Division a few days ago thanks to my non-stop research over the past week.  I wouldn’t consider Guided by Voices my favorite band, but there are reasons why I’ve listened to them as much as I have… Continue reading

Cell Phone

1 Oct

I hadn’t hated myself more in recent memory than today.  I woke up at 2:40pm still drunk from last night and went to grab my phone which usually sleeps with me.  It wasn’t there.  I checked the floor, the common room, the kitchen, the refrigerator (I’ve found it in there before).  I couldn’t have lost it out, because I didn’t go out…because it was a Friday and I’m in my mid-20’s.

I felt a draft from an open window and the thought occurred to me that I should check the back deck.  There was my phone, sitting precariously on the back ledge, completely soaked.  I barely recalled going outside at around 4am to have a cigarette that my friend left behind which I completely didn’t need for two reasons: 1) my health, and 2) a cigarette at the end of a long night of drinking usually cuts my drunken motor skills in half and I end up decorating my body with bruises.

I immediately disassembled the phone and  dried it the best I could.  It didn’t respond to the power button.  I left it on the charger in front of a fan for two hours (because I don’t own a god damn blow-dryer).  Now, the power button doesn’t work, but the phone does respond when it is opened.  I am praying that the touch screen still works, otherwise, this will be the third Droid that I have gone through.

This whole experience was a bit of a reality check.  I am far too dependent on my phone for somebody who is not important at all.  I wonder how many times a day I check facebook on my phone thinking “I wonder what’s new” only to realize that I checked it 15 minutes prior and nothing ever happens ever.