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Guided by Voices – The Bears for Lunch

5 Mar

The-Bears-for-Lunch-album-art This was supposed to be published 12/14/2013 and then it wasn’t.

Though Guided by Voices didn’t have any big winners this year, they would definitely be up for a Most Productive of 2012 nomination.  The Bears for Lunch was the third LP released this year Continue reading

12 Songs About Extraterrestrial Life

14 Jun

There are two alien-centered blockbusters in theaters currently.  To immense anticipation, Ridley Scott tries his directorial hand at sci-fi for the first time since 1982’s Blade Runner with Prometheus, a prequel to his genius Alien.  To far less excitement, the third installment of the Men in Black series is out and combines at least three formulaic plot devices.  In any event, what better time to visit/revisit some songs about extraterrestrial life? Continue reading

Indie Canon Inductee: Guided by Voices

30 Jan

Guided by Voices is a band that you may know by name but have never listened to.  If that’s the case, this article will hopefully warrant a listen.  I myself hadn’t listened to GBV until a few years back outside of a few tracks of theirs I had on a Matador Records sampler.  Since then, they have become my most listened to artist according to last.fm, surpassing Beat Happening and Joy Division a few days ago thanks to my non-stop research over the past week.  I wouldn’t consider Guided by Voices my favorite band, but there are reasons why I’ve listened to them as much as I have… Continue reading

Guided by Voices – Let’s Go Eat the Factory

26 Jan

Guided by Voices is a band that I didn’t start listening to until about two years ago.  Since then, they have become one of my top 5 most listened to artists. Hearing of a new LP to be released on January 16, 2012 had me revved up for two reasons: 1) frontman Robert Pollard had officially disbanded Guided by Voices in 2004, and 2) the new LP, Let’s Go Eat the Factory, was to include the most celebrated GBV roster of Robert Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Greg Demos, Mitch Mitchell and Kevin Fennell who hadn’t played or recorded together since 1996 when Pollard reportedly fired the rest of his bandmates after a falling out with Sprout. Continue reading

last.fm Adult

27 Sep

I have had a last.fm account for almost two and a half years now.  I started one at the recommendation of a friend after the untimely death of my first external hard drive, Gigi.  When I purchased my current hard drive and “re-acquired” the bulk of my albums, I thought it might be fun to track my musical life going forward.  I am a total statistic shill and so a last.fm profile seemed like a must have.  Of course I would have had a vague idea as to Continue reading