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Kurt Vile & The Violators at the 4Knots Music Festival (6/29/2013)

29 Jul

4 Knots BookletI turned my girlfriend on to Kurt Vile last year when I played “Baby’s Arms” for her (on my stereo…I can’t finger-pick a guitar for shit) from his 2011 Continue reading

The First Quarter of 2013 in Music

14 Jun

Almost exactly three months ago I posted this article with a list of twenty albums in alphabetical order which I had purchased in the first quarter of 2013.  The intent was to have the article out by mid-April.  In classic SHH fashion I decided that it would be better to do a review of twenty albums Continue reading

last.fm Adult

27 Sep

I have had a last.fm account for almost two and a half years now.  I started one at the recommendation of a friend after the untimely death of my first external hard drive, Gigi.  When I purchased my current hard drive and “re-acquired” the bulk of my albums, I thought it might be fun to track my musical life going forward.  I am a total statistic shill and so a last.fm profile seemed like a must have.  Of course I would have had a vague idea as to Continue reading