27 Sep

I have had a account for almost two and a half years now.  I started one at the recommendation of a friend after the untimely death of my first external hard drive, Gigi.  When I purchased my current hard drive and “re-acquired” the bulk of my albums, I thought it might be fun to track my musical life going forward.  I am a total statistic shill and so a profile seemed like a must have.  Of course I would have had a vague idea as to what my most listened to artists/tracks were, but now I can say that Beat Happening is my most listened to artsist overall, “Bee Thousand” is my most listened to album of the past six months and every night I’m up until 4am, I listened to “D.J.” by David Bowie.

About a year ago, I started berating my friend joeb87 as a joke when he created a profile because of his pathetic amount of plays and artists.  I referred to him as a “ baby.”  In retrospect I realize that this was both pretentious and obnoxious, but…

< 2,500 plays = baby

2,500 – 5,000 plays = toddler

5,000 – 10,000 plays = child

10,000 – 25,000 plays = tweener

25,000 – 50,000 plays = teenager

50,000 – 100,000 plays = adult

100,000 + plays = geriatric/legend

If the average song is 2:30, then somebody that has 100,000 plays has listened to 173.61 days of music; that’s almost exactly half a year!  Of course, some of these geezers could be media player jerkoffs: people that purposely run iTunes at night to make sure that they are listed as the top listener for Neutral Milk Hotel, or people that regularly wake up hungover and realize that they’ve cruised through M, N, O and P in their extensive library of music they don’t listen to.

Unfortunately, I really only get a chance to listen to music in my car and when I get home from work.  If I could, I would have music playing for my entire waking life.  Even so, 50,000 + plays isn’t that bad.  I will let all of you know if and when I am Legend.  For those of you that are already there, kudos!

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