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12 Songs About Extraterrestrial Life

14 Jun

There are two alien-centered blockbusters in theaters currently.  To immense anticipation, Ridley Scott tries his directorial hand at sci-fi for the first time since 1982’s Blade Runner with Prometheus, a prequel to his genius Alien.  To far less excitement, the third installment of the Men in Black series is out and combines at least three formulaic plot devices.  In any event, what better time to visit/revisit some songs about extraterrestrial life? Continue reading

Keira Rathbone is Such a Hipster…

23 Oct

So, there’s this British chick, right? Keira Rathbone. She makes art with a typewriter. A typewriter. How hipster is that? She runs the paper through the typewriter, typing on it, changing which character she uses depending on what kind of texture she is looking for. Peep this:

As you can see, from the detail on the right, this image uses a lot of periods and commas and the British pound. Continue reading