Keira Rathbone is Such a Hipster…

23 Oct

So, there’s this British chick, right? Keira Rathbone. She makes art with a typewriter. A typewriter. How hipster is that? She runs the paper through the typewriter, typing on it, changing which character she uses depending on what kind of texture she is looking for. Peep this:

As you can see, from the detail on the right, this image uses a lot of periods and commas and the British pound. They take on a kind of Van Gogh-ish close-up abstractness which only reconciles into an image when you take a few steps back. Check out the uppercase Ns she uses to shadow the crest of the cheek:

In this current age of personal computers, smartphones, and other machines bordering on Blade Runner sentience… she opted for the typewriter. She is also a collector of typewriters, and she owns dozens of them (including a Russian one from the 1940s). What a fucking hipster.

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