Online Dating Experiment Week 2

7 Nov

I was going to clean my apartment, then I realized it’s week two!
If you missed it, check out Week 1 here.

Okay. So nothing crazy has happened yet. Just annoying more than anything else.

All of the people that were messaging me from my first post have been cut off. The last one I referenced? The arrogant one that I knew kinda sucked? Well he used “lol” at the end of one of his messages. Maybe I’m just being harsh, but I’m sorry, I’m not sorry. If you are above the age of 15 and are a fully functioning adult, you should not be using “lol” (or “rofl”, or “omg”, you get my point).

I went on to tell him I was in grad school, at which point I realized he probably had not even looked at my profile even once, because he asked if my studio was for “audio or live work”. I understand ”studio” can have a variety of meanings, but the first two words on my profile are Printmaker/artist. In that order. Not once is music even mentioned unless I’m dropping a few names of bands that I like! And then he spent an entire paragraph telling me about his grad experience and how he is working all these crazy jobs now. Sorry, not interested. If I was I would have asked, but you didn’t give me the chance to.

A few have commented on my profile picture, the one of me with the fake mustache. Most just say, “Nice mustache.” To which I have nothing to say. But one brave soul even got a little crude with me and sent me a message that solely read, “Can I get a mustache ride?”

I was tempted to reply only because of his gall,  but then realized he wasn’t even being crude and witty, he just was being stupid and thus showed me that his personality and sense of humor probably match that of a 17 year-old and he is thus unworthy of my potential retort.

I’ve had a few messages from simply nice dudes that I find just plain uninteresting. Again, I guess I’m just a jerk, but there’s nothing here to keep me interested.

My interest was piqued however, when I got a message from a New Paltz local. It was well-written, even mildly entertaining, then I realized it was the owner of Slashroot…sorry “/root” and he was chastising me on my improper use of the “/” key. Not only is this man kind of renknowned for being crazy, but I just can’t get down on this place for reasons I won’t get into on a public forum such as this website.
Consider him ignored.

Then TODAY, I got a message from a guy that is actually in the Printmaking department. My greatest fear come true. He just said hi, made his presence known, but god damnit, now what do I do? Do I explain myself as some jerk doing this in the name of mildly entertaining pieces of writing at my victim’s expense? Do I ignore him? Do I just say hi back?


In the end I told him I was doing an “experiment”, then I realized how lame that sounded and now he probably just thinks I was lying and am a total fool.

So in the end, nothing all that new or surprising. My friends keep telling me that I have to go on a date, that I have to message someone. The truth is, I would if I cared about meeting any of these people! It’s not my fault they’re all genuinely uninteresting! And like I said before, it’s really hard for me to even be mildly intruiged by someone unless I’ve met them at least once.

And to be honest, I’ve been having more “luck” (whatever that means)  in bars as of lately than I have on this damn website.

So, I’m stating as of right now, week 2, that online dating is useless.

I will stick out these next two weeks, maybe something or someone will surprise me, but I doubt it. I’m better off walking into Snugs and getting buzzed and having more intelligent conversations there than I’m having on this website.

And for the record, dudes. Don’t overdo it on the emoticons, alright? One “: P” is fine every now and then, it helps with the tone of your typing, but at the end of every sentence? Come on. This isn’t AIM and we aren’t in 8th grade.

6 Responses to “Online Dating Experiment Week 2”

  1. the self-hating hipster November 7, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

    U gotta go on a d8, gurl! 😉

    It really makes the whole experience that much more revolting.


    • marenamitchell November 7, 2011 at 10:26 pm #

      I’m totez going to vom all ovr u. ; )

  2. bobdoesthings November 8, 2011 at 12:45 am #


    • bobdoesthings November 8, 2011 at 1:14 am #

      Shit now I’m considering creating a profile… LET THE GREAT EXPERIMENT BEGIN!!! (nahh I probably won’t)

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