Ellicottville Pale Ale

8 Nov

American Pale Ale

Rating: B-

Poured from bottle to pint glass.

Light amber with a one finger tiny-bubbled head.  Lacing is very thin and trails throughout.  The aroma is by far the most satisfying part of this beer: flowery hops, grapefruit, apple cider, honey-sweet malt.  I wish I could say that the taste is as satisfying.  There is nothing fundamentally wrong with it; it is a decent balance of citrusy hops and sweet malt, but it doesn’t live up to the aroma.  The mouthfeel is a little too watery to be satiny and so it’s kind of flat on the taste buds despite the medium carbonation.  It is rather drinkable despite its lack of complexity from a taste standpoint.  This was the first Ellicottville that I’ve tried, and although I wasn’t wowed, I’m making a mental note to pick up a sixer of another one of their beers.  Not bad.

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