Hill Street Cafe

7 Nov

I’ve collapsed right here—————————————–^

That being said, I consider myself lucky to live as close to this place as I do.  Good beer selection, great food, and friendly service.  I love that they have Southern Tier 2X IPA on tap.  I love that the pool table isn’t terrible and has an even roll.  I love their pizza (seriously, it’s the best non-pizzeria pizza I’ve had in a long time).  I love that they don’t throw me out when I’m shwasted.  I love that I can watch any NFL game on Sunday there.  Except for last Sunday when the Bills jobbed.

It is also probably the best bookend bar that I’ve ever been to.  What is a bookend bar?  A bar that you can start and finish your nights at.  It’s only about two blocks from my apartment.  I’ll start at Hill St. at 8pm on a Saturday night and end up back there at 3:30 for a couple of rounds.  I just wish the walk home wasn’t uphill.

The clientele is largely locals.  Don’t be surprised if you see two or three familiar faces every time you pop in.  Overall, it’s a good crowd. Nobody’s looking for a fight…unless somebody hijacks the jukebox and plays something other than mid-late 90’s alternative rock.

Buy me a beer and I’ll buy us a round of electronic cricket.

One Response to “Hill Street Cafe”

  1. Andee November 7, 2011 at 10:28 pm #

    I would go all SCSA on you and open a can of electronic cricket whoop-ass.

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