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SHH’s New Years Resolutions

1 Jan

It’s that time again.  That 3-5 week period where we pretend like we’re going to start exercising or flossing.  Where we forget how old we are because we assume that our birthdays are in someway related to the calendar year.  Where we are reminded that we are now one year closer to the apocalypse…whoops, now it’s months away.

I have made a list of a few things that I want to make happen in 2012:

1)  Try more competitive eating challenges.  I always had a knack for it and I’d like to start making some money for going to pound town. Continue reading

The Mangler

30 Sep

Two years ago I was living in a two-family home with five friends.  It was like a frat house minus the bros, rape and shitty beer.

My friend and roommate at the time, joeb87, noticed one morning that someone had taken his block of pepper jack cheese out of the refrigerator, gnawed on one corner, and replaced it in the deli drawer.  We laughed, wondering who the hell would be that much of a dirtbag.

Throughout the next two weeks, there were another three or four attacks.  The culprit hit the pepper jack again, hard, joeb87’s jar of peanut butter got hand-scooped and there was a mysterious disappearance of a bag of Doritos.  We began referring to said monster as The Mangler Continue reading