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Third Annual Pizza & Beer Pairing at Chelsea’s Co. With Sixpoint Brewery

27 Feb

230 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10001

My ticket to this event was another Valentine’s Day gift to me this year (gurl done good!).  We arrived just as the event was starting at noon.  I didn’t take any pictures because I left my cell phone behind to charge, but to give you an idea of what Co. looks like…

That’s almost the entire restaurant right there with a bit of bench seating along the left wall not pictured.  The event, which ran from noon until 4pm, was extremely crowded at the beginning and so my girlfriend and I posted up on the bench and acted as hybrid consumers/coat-check station.  The pizza and beer was served buffet style: a quesadilla-sized slice and 4 0z. of beer served out of continuously refilled growlers.   Continue reading

Miracle Noodles!

15 Nov

If you are anything like me, you have a carb problem.  I need starchy food in my diet even at the cost of my waistline.  The real issue is that I don’t get full easily, so I am always looking for ways to stuff myself before digging into a meal.  I have tried several tricks: three glasses of water prior to a meal, snacking on a whole bag of baby carrots during the day and hoping to not be staving by meal time, and my favorite of all, Weight Watcher’s wonderful tid-bit of advice, the “STOP, REST, and ASSESS”- the only problem with that phrase is inevitably if there is pasta in front of me, I STOP eating, REST for few minutes, ASSESS whether I am still hungry, and end up concluding that pounding the rest of the pasta is COMPLETELY necessary.

A few weeks ago my roommate and I were complaining to each other about this addiction and ended up coming across an interesting product online.  It’s called “Miracle Noodles.”  Corny, yes, but when we researched it further, these noodles were too tempting to ignore.  They are soy free, gluten free, and best of all ZERO CALORIES. They have existed in Japan for decade but it was only in recent years that a family brought them back to the U.S. and decided to manufacture the noodles and sell them online.

Okay so at this point you are most likely asking the same question I did: what the hell are they made of then?  And better yet, what could they possibly taste like?!  The noodles are made entirely from soluble plant fiber.  This has two huge advantages: one, there are absolutely no calories, and two, when it reaches your stomach, it expands and gives you the sensation of being full! These noodles come in a variety of pasta shapes (rice, angel hair, rigatoni, etc) and don’t need cooking!  You simply rinse, dry, and add them to any recipe.

Okay thats all well and good, but do they taste like crap?  To be honest, they have no flavor at all.  However, that also means the noodles will absorb any flavors you mix it with.  I have been eating them recently and they are very good in a variety of recipes, and for ZERO CALORIES, I really can’t complain. For just one example of the many meals you could make with these noodles, I made a stir fry with chicken, veggies, and a peanut sauce. Super easy and really delicious.

The last advantage I will note is that these noodles have a 6 month shelf life while still packaged and stay good for four days after they are out of the package.  This is ideal for poor planners like me whose food intake consists mostly of microwaveable dinners and eggs.  So it may be possible to cut down on calories and still eat noodles.  Hey, the more you save, the more wine you can drink…or at least thats how I look at it.

Check them out: Miracle Noodles

The Mangler

30 Sep

Two years ago I was living in a two-family home with five friends.  It was like a frat house minus the bros, rape and shitty beer.

My friend and roommate at the time, joeb87, noticed one morning that someone had taken his block of pepper jack cheese out of the refrigerator, gnawed on one corner, and replaced it in the deli drawer.  We laughed, wondering who the hell would be that much of a dirtbag.

Throughout the next two weeks, there were another three or four attacks.  The culprit hit the pepper jack again, hard, joeb87’s jar of peanut butter got hand-scooped and there was a mysterious disappearance of a bag of Doritos.  We began referring to said monster as The Mangler Continue reading