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The Self-Hating Hipster’s Top 51 Tracks of 2011

22 Jan

As promised, below you will find the Self-Hating Hipster’s T0p 51 Tracks of 2011 thanks to a scramble at my lake house, indirectly motivated by six girls working on their Masters theses.  I actually mistakenly published the article about a week ago but quickly made it “Private” so as not to give you readers a glimpse of the SHH in his article underpants.  I didn’t realize (stoopit!) what a massive undertaking this article would prove to be as a solo project.  I know it’s too late, but I’m hoping that you don’t find it to be too little.  I’ve been really busy with my job lately, and in the words of Garth Marenghi, “I’m not Jesus Christ…I’ve come to accept that now.”

*     *

51.  Fucked Up – “Queen of Hearts”

David Comes to Life

Fucked Up adds a cute, poppy flare to post-hardcore as evidenced by “Queen of Hearts.”

“Hello, my name is David!”  Hi, David.  “Let’s be together!  Let’s fall in love!”

Stop yelling, David. Continue reading

Amis – The Rachel Papers

30 Oct

The Rachel Papers by Martin Amis (1973)

Hipster Highway.

This was the fourth novel that I read by Amis (I’ve since read Dead Babies) and the second that I have reviewed.  It’s a very quick and satisfying read.  The Rachel Papers also, more than any other Amis novel, makes me want to visit London.

Charles Highway is by far the most likable protagonist of the Amis works that I have read.  His witty repartee and unmistakably teenaged sexual neuroticism are all too familiar and terribly fun.  That being said, Continue reading