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Beard of the Week: November 24

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As it happens to fall on a Beard of the Week day, I did a little research, and who knew that turkeys have beards?!

I sure didn’t.

Check it out!

Handsome, eh?

Actually turkeys are arguably one of the ugliest birds on the planet, but at least they have beards!

I also didn’t have time to think of a person to honor this week, so whatever. I’m a slacker, deal with it.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday, and if you don’t celebrate then I hope you had a lovely day in general and be happy that your stomach isn’t distended like mine is right now!

We’ll be back next week with a human beard, be sure to check back!

Beard of the Week: November 17

17 Nov

I’ve been slacking lately, but goshdarnit I’ve been so tired and things have been so hectic! I, however, will not overlook my beard of the week responsibilities. A more blasphemous thought has never crossed my mind! Continue reading

Beard of the Week: November 10

10 Nov

It’s that time again!

So, here at Beard of the Week I try to honor some classically great beards, but I also like to shed light on some that I think may get overlooked, and that’s what this week’s beard is all about.

Ladies and gents, Ben Affleck!

Dear Ben,
I’m willing to overlook that trainwreck of a film, Gigli, if you promise to keep a beard at all times.

Forever yours,

Beard of the Week: November 3

3 Nov

This is a very special edition of Beard of the Week! Last night Snugs held the annual Movember Shave-Off, and we were able to raise about 450 dollars for men’s cancer research and awareness!

Instead of honoring a celebrity this week, I’ve decided to honor each of our brave shave-ees, who got up there to raise some money for a great cause!

This was my first beard of the night:

And my second, this guy also lost a mullet and was last years winner for best mustache at the end of the month:

And then, the big breadwinner for the night! He raised 210 dollars, mainly because he set himself a minimum of 150. We pooled together our and got shit done! Our dear friend and bartender:

(all these images are courtesy of my pal Brittany)


So that’s that! The night started off with me in beard heaven, and ended with a very sad Marena surrounded by clean-shaven men.

I ended up spending 40 dollars on shaving dudes, but I’d say it was worth it. At least I got to touch a few of them before I said goodbye. (I’m a total perv…)

At the end of the month there will be another event in which all the shaved boys will have a mustache competition. The winner gets a nice little sash and bragging rights for being able to grow the gnarliest facial hair.

Next week we’ll be back to our regular style of Beard of the Week, thank you to all the wonderful dudes who donated themselves to raising money last night! It was a totally rad time!

Phantom Beard

27 Oct

I feel even worse posting this after Marena’s 3rd installment of beardophilia, but two days ago, I shaved off my beard for the first time in over a year for Halloween.  I feel absolutely naked.  Strange breezes are chilling my cheeks when I’m outside.  People ask for my identification more often.  I can’t save snacks for later in my mustache.

I am also experiencing what I will call “Phantom Beard Syndrome.”  PBS is very similar to the phenonmenon of phantom limbs.  For example, an amputee sometimes experiences severe pain in the big toe of a foot that was amputated years ago.  I on the other hand will go to cup my chin in my hands and slip without the half-inch buffer of beard, or attempt to twist my mustache in deep though only to graze my knuckles on stubble.  The pain I’m suffering is not physical pain (aside from the razor burn on my neck).  No, my phantom beard is causing mental anguish.

My beard has gone through many different stages over the years.


A few days of growth has done nothing for my spirits.  Some people have actually complimented me saying that I look better without the beard.  Those people are idiots.

The one consolation is that beards do grow back.  If anybody knows of any beard steroids, please drop me a line.  Until then, I will just hope and wait; and when my beard does finally return, I will welcome him back with dimpled cheeks.

Beard of the Week October 27

27 Oct

This is a special Beard of the Week! It’s 2 AM, but as I drunkenly stumbled into my room from the bar I saw a package on my bed which was awesome because it means I got my new computer power adapter three days earlier than expected! So I needed to do SOMETHING moderately relevant with my computer to celebrate.

I’ve decided that the best way to honor beards Continue reading

Beard of the Week October 20

20 Oct

It’s that time of the week again! A time when I pick one special beard to honor for an entire seven days, though they probably deserve more.

This week we’re again looking to the past to one man who’s done everything from movies to salad dressing, Mr. Paul Newman (1/26/1925-9/26/2008).

What. A. Hunk.

The tux gets me every time, but come on, we all know it wouldn’t be as fantastic if he was clean-shaven. And even though he didn’t always have a beard, it doesn’t matter because when he does it just looks so good that it makes up for all of his hairless moments.

Because it’s just so nice, here’s another one for kicks:

He had style, he had charisma, he had talent, he was an Aquarius, he donated a buttload of money to charity, and his company still distributes a mean mango salsa (peach and pineapple are also really nice), but one thing will always stand out, and I think we all know what that is.

Rest In Peace, Paul. You may be gone, but your beard will live forever in my heart.

Beard of the Week October 13, 2011

13 Oct

Beards! I appreciate them so much that I’ve decided to appreciate one special beard each week here in the Fashion section. Celebrities, pals, dads, brothers, you name it, they could potentially be the next beard of the week!

First up?

Constantin Brancusi

Famed sculptor from the early 20th century, this Romanian lug has quite the beard, which I was first exposed to today during my art history class.

Yes, his contributions and advancements in three-dimensional work shaped art for years to come, but let’s not overlook this man’s most important contribution to the world, that lovely facial hair.