How to Feel About Albert Pujols After You Forgot He Burned St. Louis

13 Mar

This off season, Albert Pujols became one of the biggest free agent players to hit an open market since Lebron James. It came down to his desire to be one of the highest paid players in the game, and his loyalty to the only organization he ever knew.  In the end, he and his family felt slighted over what they felt was a sub par offer from St. Louis, and chose to sign a 10-year, $254 million dollar contract to join the Los Angeles Angels. Albert switched leagues and joined the AL, where you figure he’ll play a significant role as a DH somewhere down the line.  Consider it a wise move for a player with mild concerns over his actual age, nevermind that he followed the money.

Now that the dust has settled, and uh, new dust is kicking around at Angels spring training, looking back on the deal doesn’t seem to carry the emotion it did when it happened.  To me, Pujols was supposed to stay a Cardinal. Don’t get me wrong, I like what free agency does for the game. Teams spending foolishly is a great source of comic relief in my life. I just didn’t want to think he’d actually leave.  I don’t think the Cardinals wanted him to leave, but were being realistic in their pursuit of a high-dollar free agent.  What it leaves me with is the disappointment of knowing that the one player of the last two decades who appears to be not only relatively clear of P.E.D. accusations, but appears to be one of the all time greats is more Reggie Jackson than he is Ted Williams. He joins the ranks of the hired gun.  A mercenary, sent to hit home runs and sign autographs for the fans offor the highest bidder. Pujols, who had the great fortune to be involved with two of the most unlikely World Series championship teams ever, will shoulder the burden should this all turn into a colossal failure.

Of course, not that the Angels particularly needed him. With Pujols, their line-up has reached Yankee levels of deep, and their rotation just upgraded after acquiring CJ Wilson away from the Texas Rangers. They also expect to have Kendrys Morales back in the line up at some point this season (He hasn’t played since breaking his ankle during a home run celebration in 2010.) Bobby Abreu or Vernon Wells could be batting as low as seventh with younger players like Howie Kendrick and Mark Trumbo filling out the middle of the order. Not too shabby, and certainly a concern for division rival Texas. The Angels, smelling blood in the water on an opportunity to seize fans from the embarrassment cross town rival Dodgers, have made all the right moves to secure at the very least a division title.  Much like the Clippers and Lakers, the turf war in LA for the fans’ money is usually won by the team who spends money wisely. The expectations are sky high in Anaheim Los Angeles, and there’s no legacy protecting Albert Pujols now.

One Response to “How to Feel About Albert Pujols After You Forgot He Burned St. Louis”

  1. larry mcdonald May 19, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    I like how you all dismiss ped being associated with Pujol, wasnt long ago you were doing same about Alex Rodriquez. I even read people writing that there has never been a hint of ped associted with Pujols, yet I remember and aticle from the sring trainingin florida the season after testing started, saying he reported looking much smaller . I have trying to find that news report and simply cant find it , I hope some knows how to find it

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