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Dead Leaf Echo on Music Videos, Record Labels and Thought and Language

3 Oct

Interview originally published on Pop ‘stache

After ordering the split Slowness “Race to Mars”/Dead Leaf Echo “Act of Truth” 7-inch, the Self-Hating Hipster reached out to Dead Leaf Echo via their website.  A few days later a response came and a lengthy trail of emails between SHH and DLE’s frontman LG Galleon began, starting with Continue reading

Sun Kil Moon – Among the Leaves

22 May

Mark Kozelek made his name during the early 90’s as the leading man and singer/songwriter behind Red House Painters.  Since the Red House Painters’ disbanding in the late 1990’s, Kozelek has continued to release acclaimed albums under the guise Sun Kil Moon.  Kozelek’s latest installment as Sun Kil Moon, Among the Leaves, comes 20 years after the RHP’s epic debut Down Colorful Hill.  With the possible exception of the confused Modest Mouse cover album Tiny Cities, he has a critically untarnished record.  Sun Kil Moon is Continue reading