Boy George

3 Oct

I work in an insurance office and so I frequently have to add/delete vehicles off of clients’ policies.  This means that often have to recite Vehicle Identification Numbers.  As VINs are 17 digits/letters long, people usually assign a word for each letter to avoid confusion (i.e. “A” as in “apple,” “V” as in “Victor,” “S” as in “syphilis”).  For whatever reason, any time the VIN contains a juxtaposed “B” and “G,” everybody (customer service reps, dealers, clients, etc…) automatically says “Boy George.”  Not “‘B’ as in ‘boy, ‘G’ as in ‘George,'” – “Boy George!”  I must hear it at least three times a day.  It’s just a bizarre anomaly.  Only once, I heard a woman use “Boy Girl,” but she also sounded slow.  The auto insurance industry is apparently a massive underground culture club.

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