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The SHH Guide to Porters

15 Jan

IT FINALLY SNOWED! After what seemed like forever, there is snow on the ground where I live.  It is officially winter.  The holidays are over and there is nothing but the grey sky and shoveling for two/three months.  Refreshment be damned; it’s about staying warm.  Stouts get all the love, and I’ve been on a porter kick lately [Ed’s note – not a euphemism] so I decided to crack an egg of knowledge all on all ya’ll. Porter: the other dark beer.  Wikipedia’s got a whole bunch of facts that you can read if you want, but since I already did that just sit tight.  Anyways, you know the band Joy Division? Yeah, Love Will Tear Us Apart and all that.  Porter is what all their dad’s drank after a hard day at a Manchester textile factory.  Your son would be depressed enough to write “The Eternal,” too.   Continue reading

Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery Pale Ale

22 Aug

Rating: A-

Poured from bottle to pint glass.

Copper with slightly cloudy consistency.  Thin, off-white head, though definite lacing.  Malty apple aroma with hints of berry.  Creamy medium body with med-high bitterness.  Malty, caramel taste, slightly toasty with a refreshing finish.  Nice representation of an ESB.