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Various Artists – Clueless OST

19 Jul

Amy Heckerling’s Clueless (1995) should be on everyone’s Top 10 Teen Comedies list.  First of all, it might be the best adaptation of a Jane Austen novel (Emma).  Second, the film is solely responsible for the popularization of phrases like “Whatever!” and “As if!” which (regrettably in hindsight) remained a major part of teenage girl vernacular for the better part of two years.  But most importantly, Clueless is a zeitgeist flick that Continue reading

Dr. Dog – Be the Void

13 Feb

Dr. Dog is a band that has released average to above average LPs since their formation in 1999 with the exception of their hard to come by first release, Psychedelic Swamp, which I have deemed unlistenable after multiple tries (though I’m told that don’t have the complete album).  Their seventh album released earlier this month, Be the Void, is entirely average.

Dr. Dog has always been a crafty late 60’s to mid 70’s pop/rock rehash outfit, but Be the Void finds them Continue reading