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2011 Self-Hating Superlatives

3 Jan

Right before midnight on New Years Eve, while I was still plugging away at my Top 11 Albums article, I received an email from wordpress.com outlining some of the site’s statistics in 2011.  I’m proud to say that in the first six months we had almost 5,000 views, we published a combined 129 articles and, believe or not, we’ve had visits from readers on the six inhabited continents: North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.  When I first started the site, I knew that I couldn’t do anything by myself.  So, I solicited some of my gifted (and opinionated) friends to write.  I want to thank all of you who have contributed this year and I hope that you stay interested and active in 2012.

What wordpress didn’t do was highlight the major players on The Self-Hating Hipster this year and so I thought I owed it to my friends who were extremely dedicated to posting, collaborating with me (i.e. putting up with my bullshit) and ready to offer creative criticism despite how busy they are.   Continue reading

Thank You #1

6 Nov

I thought I would take a minute to say thank you to all contributors, supporters and visitors.  You are what makes this fun and worth doing.  I wanted to give a special thanks to Joeboy, Andee and Marena.


You are the first one who encouraged me to run with this idea and you’re always there to offer support when I feel as though this blog is an exercise in futility.


Your sheer volume of posts in the past couple of weeks is impressive to say the least and I’m glad to have you as a collaborator and idea man.


Not only do you post almost as much as I do, you’re probably funnier than I am.  You also provide a much-needed female voice.


The Self-Hating Hipster

I hope this is the first thank you of many!