Feckin’ Irish Whiskey

12 Aug

Feckin' Irish WhiskeyI bought this bottle because I thought it was kinda funny and it had interesting packaging. It was one of the cheapest whiskeys that I have tried to date, coming in at just over $20.  I wasn’t really expecting much if I’m totally honest, but walked away pleasantly surprised.

It doesn’t surpass the Jamesons or the Bushmills, but it surprisingly comes pretty close to meeting them.  I’d say that it’s pretty astounding considering it’s low price-point.  There are hints of walnut, spice, and heather in its aroma.  The taste is not overbearing, but rather smooth and warm.  It comes across as. what I like to call, a cocktail party whiskey: good for sipping.  It won’t quite knock you on your ass like some others.  Instead of feeling like I should go out and find a saloon window to throw somebody through, after drinking Feckin’ I felt like I should recline and read some Game of Thrones or something.

Long story short, this is definitely worth a buy (especially since it’s so cheap).  And if you don’t like it, go feck yourself.  It’s only $20.

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