Bushmills Black Bush

6 Jul

Bushmills Black Bush

Apparently “Black” whiskey blends are a thing now. Whatever.  Bushmills comes from Ireland’s oldest distillery, the aptly named Bushmills Distillery in County Antrim.  Like Jameson’s Black Barrel Reserve, Black Bush is aged in casks formerly used for sherry. It is a blend of a dark spice malt and a lighter single malt.  Also, like the Jameson Black Barrel, it’s a smooth and light Irish whiskey.

There’s a bunch of other shit I could say about how it tastes (mild fruit finish, grainy but sweet, hints of chocolate), but the truth is none of those adjectives means anything when you’re just reading a review.

I found myself enjoying it, though not any more (or less) than I did the Black Barrel.  It’s easier to find than the Jameson and, as such, has a slightly lower price-point.  It came across as a bit more oily, but maybe buttery is the right word for it.  Black Bush is definitely worth the money and, as it is slightly cheaper and less rare, an easier buy than the Jameson Black Barrel (and that’s high praise for a Jameson man like myself).

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