Happy New Year’s Eve From the SHH

31 Dec

Fireworks 2013

New Year’s Eve is a holiday that disappoints me year after year.  Not unlike Halloween, I get all amped up thinking I’m going to have an awesome time and then something inevitably goes awry.  I spent the majority of NYE 2004 face down on my buddy Scott’s floor after drinking three bottles of Andre Brut and falling off of his couch.  I started crying about some girl whose name I can’t even remember on NYE 2oo6 because I mixed too much whiskey with champagne (and a bit of Bud Heavy).  I spent over an hour consoling a friend over a then recent breakup on NYE 2008, a consolation which he had no recollection of the day after.

NYE 2010 takes the cake, though.  Things sounded promising: pre-gaming at a friend of a friend’s and then taking a party bus (converted CDTA bus lined with lights and open containers are legal) with about thirty people to Saratoga to hit the bars.  There was to be plenty of drinking and merriment, no driving and I was to be dropped off at my front door.  I was half in the bag by the time we hit Saratoga and the first thing my buddy and I did was a shot of Jim Beam.  The large group split up into groups of three and four with the understanding that we would be meeting up at 2AM to catch the bus back home.  Long story short, I ended up separated from the group.  A girl was involved.  She was not very attractive.  I stopped answering phone calls.  I missed the bus and ended up freezing my ass off outside of a bank at 5AM and had to call my father to pick me up.  Happy New Year, asshole!

Last year I decided to keep it simple.  By simple I mean that I got comfortably drunk by myself, worked on my year-end lists for 2011 and turned on the television for twenty seconds at midnight to watch the ball drop.  This year I have decided to follow suit.

NYE Work Station

The NYE Work Station.

This New Year’s Eve is a little different though in that there is reason to celebrate.  Just days before 2013 the Self-Hating Hipster reached 50,000 views all time!  The SHH has had its ups and downs since its start in August, 2011, but 50,000 views in under a year and a half affirms that it is a blog worth reading.  Thank you very much to all of you who “liked” the blog, re-tweeted a link or mentioned SHH to a friend after reading an article.  You are the folks that I continue to write for!

Happy New Year’s Eve to all of you hipsters out there, self-hating or not!

One Response to “Happy New Year’s Eve From the SHH”

  1. the self-hating hipster January 1, 2013 at 10:05 pm #

    I started the new year with a blackout. I know that much progress was made on the forthcoming SHH Top 52 Tracks of 2012, but the evening also involved twenty wings with extra blue cheese and a beard shaved down to a mustache (both discoveries made this morning at 8:45).

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