Symptom of Bieber Fever: Nausea

9 Oct

Above: Justin Bieber trying to “pull off” the sexy, short-haired Emma Watson look.  The differences being: 1) he’s male, 2) earrings look better on women, and 3) short hair is something that you have to “pull off” if you are a woman (See Below)

I’ve disliked Justin Bieber since I found out that squirrely, little boy-peach was what every 14-17-year-old female was raving about: the Bieber Fever that swept the nation.  I found Justin Bieber’s music vomitus from the very beginning, but apparently it finally caught up with him.

I guess he lip-syncs too.  I just hope that girls don’t find his vomiting cute, resulting in an awful wave of teenage bulimia.

In an seemingly unrelated case Lady Gaga also spewed on stage this week.

Is pop-culture slowly becoming self-aware?

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