RIP Whitney Houston

13 Feb

The news of Whitney Houston’s untimely death happened to come as a facebook update in the middle of my trying to explain to my girlfriend the importance of the grandfathers of electronic music, Kraftwerk, and so I could not believe the coincidence in one of my friends posting this minutes later.  It is a Richard X remix of Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and Kraftwerk’s “Numbers” aptly titled “I Wanna Dance With Numbers.”  The graphic is impeccable.

Some might already find this article insensitive, but believe me, I’m trying to be nice.  Remember Whitney Houston for her great voice, before drugs, before Bobby, and say what everyone else says at a time like this (when the last time they heard Whitney Houston was on cassette in their Oldsmobile Cutlass): “And she was so talented!  And young too!  What a shame…”

For those of you who don’t know, I followed professional wrestling for a long time and when the press is not able to reveal the cause of death let alone the location of death, it’s shady business…  The point is moot, RIP Whitney.

One Response to “RIP Whitney Houston”

  1. Andee February 14, 2012 at 3:29 pm #

    Chalk this one up to PERSONAL DEMONS. You’re with Eddy now, Whitney.

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