Lessons in Post-Rock, Episode Four: Russian Circles

10 Jan

I consider Russian Circles to be the post-rock band that people who like classical music might be down with. Not because there is an overwhelming use of orchestral pieces or anything, but because there is beauty in every fucking detail. Every sound you hear blowing through your headphones was carefully constructed and recorded to have that very effect. There is nothing that is left up to chance and the music becomes, despite being incredibly loud and heavy at times, meditative.

I drift away when I listen to Russian Circles. I invent scenes in my head to go with the soundtrack, because at heart that’s what this music sounds like: a soundtrack to a movie that’s never been made (or is always being made).

Their new album is a triumph, and I listen to all of their work indiscriminately. You will find noise that stretches to the limits of your perception, and whispers that nudge their way in just at the edges of thought. It is not in the extremes that this music succeeds, but rather in the space between.


One Response to “Lessons in Post-Rock, Episode Four: Russian Circles”

  1. Andee January 11, 2012 at 6:59 pm #

    I started listening to Russian Circles a while back when a friend of mine overheard me listening to Isis, and recommended them. I have the 2008 album/ep/thing. Very excited to see this today.

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