Lessons in Post-Rock, Episode Two: This Will Destroy You

20 Dec

When this band was first described to me, at one point I heard the term beardgaze, which actually ended up being a pretty apt description. This Will Destroy You tries to get away from the post-rock label by venturing further and further into outer space. There are a few things that TWDY do that few of the other bands on this list do, like use drum machines and record tracks of nothing but ambient feedback and reverb.

They’re not my favorite band, but I do feel that they merit mentioning. They have this kind of “fuck you and your categorization of musical genres” attitude, which is a little tired at this point, but at least they get angry about it.

Some of the music sounds robotic. The music suffers a little bit from overproduction, and you can tell that some tracks were recorded to a click track. It’s just too clean and perfect. I like a little bit of grit with my music, even if it is just ambient noise. However, at it’s greatest moments, the songs can explode into an other-worldly realm where you hover above the world and look down on the mountains, rivers, and valleys.

They’re name is pretty cool too, in a time when all the best band names have been taken, but I do wish the music suited the name more. A band with the name This Will Destroy You communicates a certain amount of destruction and heaviness, neither of which you’ll find between the tracks on one of their albums.

“Three Legged Workhorse”

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